Trackpad issue on Thinkpad X230

I have a Lenovo X230 laptop, the trackpad works fine in Windows, but under Linux the pointer jumps about 3-4 pixels at a time. Which caused me to disable the trackpad and only use the trackpoint.

But I recently found a fix for this on this bug report

Thanks to Andy Hayward for the solution.

Add this config to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf

Section "InputClass"
    Identifier "touchpad"
    MatchProduct "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"
    Driver "synaptics"
    # fix touchpad resolution
    Option "VertResolution" "100"
    Option "HorizResolution" "65"
    # disable synaptics driver pointer acceleration
    Option "MinSpeed" "1"
    Option "MaxSpeed" "1"
    # tweak the X-server pointer acceleration
    Option "AccelerationProfile" "2"
    Option "AdaptiveDeceleration" "16"
    Option "ConstantDeceleration" "16"
    Option "VelocityScale" "32"

After that restart your X server.

However after a while I decided to disable the trackpad again since I so often accidentally touch the trackpad while typing causing the cursor to cause havoc.


Today I installed my own Mattermost server.

Mattermost is an open source alternative to Slack.

Slack has become very popular, but the drawback is that all your data is stored in the cloud. Mattermost solves this by allowing you to self-host your own server.

Mattermost was relativly easy to get running. I went with PostgresSQL as database backend since I experience issues with using MySQL 5.5.

It looks and functions very similar to Slack, however Slack do have some more features like pinning messages in channels, desktop app and mobile clients.

Both Slack and Mattermost are more focused on providing internal communication within an organization, rather than providing instance messaging between friends.

New website (again)

In March of 2015 I deployed a new website/blog to replace the wordpress site I used before. Now I it was time again to deploy an even newer website.

This time I have used Python with the Flask framework. The posts are written in Markdown.

This time I have also improved the search alot over the previous site by using Elasticsearch as search engine.

Github markdown tables not working

I noticed that markdown tables was not rendering correctly on Github. In their markdown guide they say:

Note that the dashes at the top don't need to match the length of the header text exactly:

But what they don't say is that it needs to be at least three dashes.