Wordpress 3.3.2 issues

I updated my blog to Wordpress 3.3.2 and after that the admin page did not work like it should, the drag and drop functionality did not work and the hover menus did not show up either. Using the web developer tools built into Google Chrome I immediately found that the page got en javascript exception that stopped the javascripts from working properly.

The error I got was Cannot read property 'farbtastic' of undefined on line 23 in wp-admin/js/farbtastic.js, I added a if statement that checks if the container variable is undefined before trying to access the variable which fixed that error

$.farbtastic = function (container, callback) {
  var container = $(container).get(0);
    if (container != undefined) {
      return container.farbtastic ¦¦ (container.farbtastic = new $._farbtastic(container, callback));

With that issue fixed I got the next error in my wordpress theme that also tried to use farbtastic, and to fix that I added the same fix of checking that farbtastic is not undefined in the theme-options.js file inside the theme I use

  var pickColor = function(a) {
    if (farbtastic != undefined) {
      $('#link-color-example').css('background-color', a);

With these errors resolved the page now works as it should.

Rsrdp 1.4.0

I just uploaded a new release of rsrdp, version 1.4.0. This version contains some bug fixes and some new features. It is now possible to set your own background image inside rsrdp. I have also added a debug mode which is activated by adding -debug as startup parameter, when in this mode a log file i created with some information like the disconnect reason to disconnected RDP sessions.

When I improved the code to save and load data from the configuration file in version 1.3 I forgot to update the code for when moving nodes in the tree with drag and drop. This resulted in drag and drop actions not being saved, this has now been fixed.

I have also added a Visit website link in the about dialog, hoping to bring some more people to that site where the documentation and the donate button is.

Rsrdp has now been downloaded 1,942 times from Sourceforge.

Placed an order for a Raspberry Pi

I just ordered a Raspberry Pi, it's a very small computer without a case with impressive performance. It's a 700 MHz ARM processor, 256 MB memory, an impressive broadcom graphics chip capable of playing 1080p video.

Raspberry Pi The best thing is also the price, it's very cheap. And did I mention it runs Linux!

The purpose of these devices was to give kids in Great Britian an opportunity to get more interested in computer programming, but it also made every computer geek want them too so the demand for these devices was much higher then the manufacturers anticipated so the initial batch sold out very fast, and their websites was having trouble to cope with the high traffic load.

I have not decided yet what I'm going to do with it, but I'm thinking of turning it into a media center device connected to the TV.

Linux server administration

A week ago I applied to the distance course Linux server administration, it's a 15 points education about administrating servers on Linux. The application was made a bit late since the course started week four and the course is 20 weeks so it's like halfway into the course. But after being accepted I was told that the I had 20 weeks from when I start so I don't need to rush it.

Linux server administration is not new too me since I'm running Linux server at home, but it is always nice to have it on paper. And there are some parts of the course that I have not worked with before so that will be intresting.