Diablo III

Let me begin by saying that I am a big fan of the Diablo game series, all from the first game with the overpowered sorcerer class and much more improved and balanced sequel Diablo II. With the ending of Diablo II where the all three evil brothers Diablo, Mephisto and Baal was vanquished a third sequel was hard to imagine, how would they be able to continue the story now, what other evil could there be to conquer.

But on May 15th 2012 Diablo III was released, and ofcourse I was very curious about the game. There was one problem though, the game is only for Windows and Mac, and I run Linux on all my computers. But thanks to the Wine project I was able to get it running on my Linux computer.

Diablo III

However it did not work out of the box with Wine, the downloader worked, but the installer got stuck on 0% when trying to install. I resolved this by running the installer in a virtual Windows machine and then copy the installed game back to my Linux machine. The game however crashed when I tried to run it with Wine. By reading in the Wine AppDB I was told Wine needed some patches applied in order to run Diablo III, I however did not have enough time to apply all patches and recompile Wine that day. The next day I tried to use PlayOnLinux since they had just released Diablo III in their Testing section. Worked better and the game started now, but when I tried to login I got stuck on "Authenticating credentials". After much troubleshooting and searching on the internet I found that the following command fixed the authentication issue:

echo 0 ¦ sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope

Now I'm able to play.

After having played some hours now I can say that I like what Blizzard has done, the game is awesome.