Trackpad issue on Thinkpad X230

I have a Lenovo X230 laptop, the trackpad works fine in Windows, but under Linux the pointer jumps about 3-4 pixels at a time. Which caused me to disable the trackpad and only use the trackpoint.

But I recently found a fix for this on this bug report

Thanks to Andy Hayward for the solution.

Add this config to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf

Section "InputClass"
    Identifier "touchpad"
    MatchProduct "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"
    Driver "synaptics"
    # fix touchpad resolution
    Option "VertResolution" "100"
    Option "HorizResolution" "65"
    # disable synaptics driver pointer acceleration
    Option "MinSpeed" "1"
    Option "MaxSpeed" "1"
    # tweak the X-server pointer acceleration
    Option "AccelerationProfile" "2"
    Option "AdaptiveDeceleration" "16"
    Option "ConstantDeceleration" "16"
    Option "VelocityScale" "32"

After that restart your X server.

However after a while I decided to disable the trackpad again since I so often accidentally touch the trackpad while typing causing the cursor to cause havoc.

New home server project (Part 2)

I have now gotten all parts for my new computer build.

Computer parts

I cancelled the order for the Thermaltake CPU cooler because the delivery date was postponed until 7th December. I found that the stock CPU cooler was good enough, small enough to easily fit in the chassi and the noise level is hardly noticeable.

The 60mm case fan was way to loud so I had to disconnect it. The 80mm fan is very silent so the total noise from the box is almost none.

Since I'm going to use the computer both as a server and a media center connected to the TV I installed Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop version. The installation was however not painfree, it seems like the Linux drivers for the Intel HD 2500 graphics in Ivy bridge is not fully supported yet which led to heavy distortions in the GUI. I managed to complete the installation and access the desktop by using the "nomodeset" boot option which also limited me to a 640x480 resolution. By installing the following PPA the graphics issue was fixed:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tjaalton/ppa
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

After the graphics issue was resolved the next problem was that the resolution was to big for the TV causing the edges of the desktop to be cut off. The solution for this was kinda easy, all I needed to do was to change the picture mode option on the TV to scan for the mode instead of forcing it to 16:9.

New home server project (Part 1)

I have decided to replace my current home server with a new smaller more silent and power efficient server/media center. I plan to use the new server for these tasks:

  • Router/Firewall/Wireless access point (Pfsense in a virtual machine)
  • File and backup server (Backup to the cloud using Crashplan)
  • Media center connected to the TV (Probably using XBMC)

My goal with the server is to try and make it as silent as possible while still keeping good performance. The components I will use are these:

  • Intel Core i5 3470S Quad core 2.9GHz
  • Termaltake slim X3 (CPU fan, estimated ship date 2012-10-19)
  • Gigabyte GA-Z77N-Wifi (Wifi and 2 ethernet ports, awesome)
  • Corsair 8GB DDR3 1333MHz (Already have this from a previous order)
  • Western Digital Desktop Green 2TB
  • Chieftec BT-02B Mini-ITX 180W PSU
  • AKASA FAN CABEL 1XCPU/2XCASE FANS 4-PIN (Adapter to power the 2 case fans)

I hope that by using the two case fans I will get enough air flow through the case in order to keep all three fans at low speed which I hope makes less noise then without the fans.

To be continued...

Got my Pi today

Today I got a package in the mail, it was my Raspberry Pi :D

Now I just need to get the cables and SD card that I need to actually do something with it.

Pi in my hand

My plan is to use it as a media station for my television connected to an USB external drive. Im hoping to replace my home server with this little device, my home server is currently only running as a file server and a Crashplan backup server for me and some friends. Hoping the Pi can take over that job. Will be nice to be able to watch streamed media from YouTube/Hulu etc without needing to plug in the computer with a long cable across the living room floor.