Devotion to duty

Funny comic about true sysadmins

Devotion to Duty

Penguins for breakfast

I noticed these cereals at the store yesterday:

Linux cereal

Is it only me or do these cereals remind you of a great computer OS :D

Too bad that I don't eat cereals for breakfast.

Restricted Boots

The winning contribution of the restricted boot webcomic contest hosted by the Free Software Foundation


This work by Erik Steinmann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

You can read more about this at

A quick description of "Secure boot" is a restriction which means that everything on the computer from drivers to the boot loader needs to be signed with a certificate from Microsoft for the computer to get certified for Windows 8. This would prevent users from installing other operating systems on their computers. After complaints Microsoft changed the requirements to allow users an option to disable this feature on computers that does not run on ARM technology.

The contest was launch to raise awareness about this restriction on tablets, smartphones and netbooks certified for Windows 8 and put some pressure on Microsoft and the hardware manufacturers.

My thoughts on this is that if Microsoft wants to restrict their users like this it's their choice, but I would not buy such a device.