Plexgear WR1 configuration on RasPlex

I recently bought a Raspberry Pi 2 for the TV in my sons playroom so that we can watch movies with Plex on our old TV. I got a Raspberry Pi 2 kit that contained all the needed parts:

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Transparent casing
  • Power adapter
  • 8 GB micro SD card (preinstalled with Kodi)
  • TPLink USB Wifi adapter
  • Plexgear WR1 remote

Since I want to use it as a Plex client I went with the RasPlex distribution for Raspberry Pi. Works well, easy to install, just DD the image over to the sd card:

dd if=RasPlex-RPi2.RP-1.0.2.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1MB


Make sure to use the correct output device so that you don't overwrite anything important. You can find the device name with either fdisk or lsblk.

Once up and running I noticed that some of the buttons on the remote did not work. Which made it impossible to go back to the main menu from after starting a movie. I did some searches and found that the remote came with a manual for how to configure the keys using an Kodi add-on. Bummer since I installed RasPlex :)

So after some tinkering I managed to create my own keymap configuration for configuring the remote in RasPlex.

First I enabled the "Enable debug logging" option under Preferences / System / Advanced. Not sure if it was required but I rebooted after that as well. Then I started pressing the buttons that did not work a couple of times.

After that connect to RasPles using SSH, and go to /storage/.plexht/temp and run this command to filter out the keypresses in the log

less plexhometheater.log | grep OnKey

From that output I could see that the buttons that did not work was home and leftwindows.

Then I created created my own keyboard.xml file in /storage/.plexht/userdata/keymaps with the following content:


I assigned the keys Back and ContextMenu, but if you want other actions you can look at the default keyboard.xml file in /usr/share/XBMC/system/keymaps.


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