rsrdp progress

It has been 19 days since I submitted my project rsrdp as open source software on Sourceforge

So far there has been 450 downloads from 70 different countries, this is very exiting to see how it spreads across the world. This is the first project that I have made public and it feels like in the movie "The social network" when they sit and wait for their 1 million member.

For those of you how don't know what rsrdp does here comes a short description.

In Microsoft Windows there is a tool called Remote desktop connection which allows you to connect to another computer and logon to that computer to remote control it. In my work as an system administrator I use remote desktop alot to logon to remote servers in order to administrate them without the need to sit at the physical computer.
In large networks there is often a lot of computers to keep track of so what rsrdp does is it lets you create a predefined list of all your servers and from a single program you can easily switch between the different servers.
It gets alot easier to maintain multiple connections simultaneously.

There are other tools like this for example RoyalTS and Microsoft also has their own tool for this, but the strength I see with my version is the interface. The design I have choosen to go with allows you to get more visible space for your remote connection, there is no toolbars or other unnecessary space eating up the screen size.

RsRDP session


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