As you might have noticed I have added some affiliate links on the top of my blog.

MaxCDN Content Delivery Network

One of them is MaxCDN a large Content Delivery Network (CDN) that improves the speed and reliability your website by caching static content on servers around the world which enables users to load content from the closest server. It also reduces the load on your server since much of the network traffic is static content like images and javascript/css files. Here is a picture of how the the load on my server was reduced after I enabled the MaxCDN services.

MaxCDN Impact

As you can see the number of hits and the bandwidth has been lowered to about one third of the previous load.

It was very easy to install the MaxCDN services, you signed in on your MaxCDN account and created a CDN zone for your website. In wordpress you install the plugin "W3 Total Cache" which enabled you to connect your wordpress site to use your CDN zone for static content. The plugin takes care of pointing all the static content urls to the CDN.

I'm very happy with the effects the MaxCDN service has impacted my server load and for the speed improvements it provides.

MaxCDN also provides tools for testing the speed of your website at You can use it to compare the ping latency for your site from different countries, when I ran it to compare my blog with and without MaxCDN I got that MaxCDN made reduced my latency by 93%

Ping speed comparison

You can also use the HTTP test tool to compare the load time between two websites.