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Learning Nagios 4

Learning Nagios 4

Learning Nagios 4 by Wojciech Kocjan is a very good book for learning Nagios. It starts with describing the value of monitoring your servers and how it will help you prevent and troubleshoot issues in your system environment. It goes on to describe how to build and install Nagios from source on both Ubuntu/Debian and Red hat based distributions. The author then guides you though creating your Nagios configuration by showing how to use the Nagios plugins to check your hosts and services. He also goes through how to setup dependencies, escalations, event handlers and more.

For the more advanced users the author also goes though how extend Nagios by writing your own plugins and send/receive data from Nagios through the command interface.

I totally recommend reading this book if you want to learn how to use Nagios to monitor your systems.