Change the KDE lock screen background

I am currently running version 4.11.3 of KDE and there seems to not be any easy way of changing the default background used by the lock screen. The default background is set by the current Plasma theme and in Oxygen this is the Elarun theme which looks like this:


The easiest way to change the wallpaper would be to overwrite the /usr/share/wallpaper/Elarun/content/images/2560x1080.png file with another png file. This however requires root privileges and would affect all users on the computer.

Another was to fix this for only your user is to follow these steps:

The path ~/.kde might be different on your system, if it's not .kde it might be .kde4 depending on your KDE version.

Create a new wallpaper theme

mkdir -p ~/.kde/share/wallpapers/MyWallpaper/contents/images
cp myCustomLockScreenImage.png ~/.kde/share/wallpapers/MyWallpaper/contents/images/1366x768.png

Change the filename 1366x768 to match your resolution.

Create the file ~/.kde/share/wallpapers/MyWallpaper/metadata.desktop with the follow content:

[Desktop Entry]

Now create/modify your plasma theme metadata file, I use the Aya theme so for me the file is ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/Aya/metadata.desktop

If the file does not exist you need to create it.

Add these options to the file:


Change the width and height to match your resolution, it must match the name of the image in the wallpaper theme.

Now lock the screen and the new background should be there.

The screen is being locked - KDE notification

Each time I resumed my computer from sleep I would get a notification saying "The screen is being locked".

This notification can be avoided by changing the "Performing a suspension job" under the notification settings:

Suspension Job

Found a bug report about it at

Switching to KDE

I recently switched from Gnome3 to KDE 4.8 (4.8 is the current available version for Debian Wheezy stable).

The reason I switched was that Gnome3 felt unfinished, in order to get a Gnome3 to be usable you need to install a lot of user contributed extensions which needs to be maintained and sometimes improved.

Another reason for switching is that I wanted try a QT based desktop environment, since it seems to be where the DE's seems to be headed with Ubuntu changing Unity from GTK3 to QT and recently LXDE switching to QT and merging with Razor-QT.

Installing KDE on Debian is easy:

sudo apt-get install kde-standard

And to make GTK based applications look better in KDE these packages should be installed:

sudo apt-get install kde-config-gtk-style gtk2-engines-oxygen gtk3-engines-oxygen

After that you can configure how GTK applications should look like in System Settings -> Application Apperance -> Gtk Configuration

GTK Configuration


It turns out I also needed to install QtCurve and set QtCurve as my gtk2 theme for gtk2 applications theme to work.

sudo apt-get install qtcurve